UPDATE: NO SWIMMING at Port Alfred beaches

An adult dolphin washed ashore this morning at Kelly’s Blue Flag Beach. It had signs of being attacked by sharks.

In sending photos to a shark expert it was decided to close Kelly’s Beach for swimming for the day. Blue Flag lifeguards are on duty.

No swimming should take place at following beaches: East, West, halfway, Kelly’s, Shelly and Flame Lily beaches as a safety precaution.

Update from Fanie Fouche:

The Port Alfred beaches are now open for swimming after being closed yesterday as a safety precaution. West Beach remains permanently closed for swimming. Please note the only beach with lifeguards on duty is that of Kellys Blue Flag Beach (830 – 1730) up until end of Blue Flag season (1 May 2018). Swimming at any of our beaches are done at own risk. Be safe and enjoy “Our Sunshine Coast”.

Information supplied by Fanie Fouche, deputy director of Ndlambe community protection services.

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