Neighbourly Notes – 24 May 2018

WALKING THE DOGS: Mary Lloyd, left, with her dog Rugger spoke with Derek and Glynis Sinclair with their dog Whiskey, when they met on a walk in the Kelly’s Beach area on Sunday, before the rain came down Picture: ROB KNOWLES

IT was all smiles and goodwill at the meeting of the department of public works (DPW), 43
Air School, Ndlambe Municipality and other interested parties, held at the council chambers last Friday. From the tone of the meeting it was clear that all parties wanted the Air School to remain where it currently stands, not just from the prestige it brings to the area as one of the top three flight schools in the world, but because of the boost it provides for the local economy. However, as pointed out by Dhaya Govender, head of real estate for DPW, the State (meaning us, the taxpayers) cannot give land away anymore, and that companies must pay for upgrades if they are making a profit. The problem revolves around upgrades to the airfield to conform to Civil Aviation Authorit y’s requirements, including a secure
perimeter fence and an upgrade to the runway. In the past the state has allowed individuals and companies to purchase State-owned land but Govender said this will not happen anymore. The state will no longer be selling property but rather allow
individuals and companies with a business plan to lease from the state. However, if these companies make a profit they must reinvest in their own infrastructure, even if the state still owns the property. Govender added that the deal for a new lease with the air school must be finalised by September. This doesn’t leave a lot of time to sort out all the problems, but all parties seemed to leave the meeting with renewed purpose and optimism. Let’s hope this is not just all smoke and mirrors, and that we will have a resolution to the matter by the September deadline.

HOW do you intend to celebrate Africa Day on Friday? Africa Day is the annual commemoration of the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity on May 25
1963. It is celebrated in various countries on the African continent as well as around the

FOR the rest of the week and this weekend there are a number of events that should keep you busy. On Thursday there’s a U3A meeting at Settlers Park where Eve Clayton will speak on her book Twala , previously reviewed in Talk of the Town. On Friday there’s a Travelling Bookshop at El Shaddai and on Saturday there’s the annual Hospice Golf Day at the Alexandria Golf Club. Also on Saturday the new café at the Courtyard, Rise, will be launched. How about a Gatsby Evening at the Hibiscus Room at Settlers Park to celebrate the restaurant’s second birthday. On Sunday there’s another Organ Recital at St Paul’s Anglican Church, and Cellist Caleb Vaughn-Jones will present a master class at the Kingswood College Chapel. For more information and more events, see the Diarise This section, below.

WHY are the youth in the EFF so angry? Most were not even alive when apartheid was in
operation, so they have less rights than say someone who lived through the old regime. And what exactly is their intention when they invade land? Surely they are aware that their actions are illegal and won’t be tolerated by any law-abiding society? I was verbally attacked and TotT referred to as a “racist” paper last week at the Rosehill Mall. Then, this week, 12 members of the EFF were arrested for trespassing at 43 Air School and, according to police spokeswoman Captain Mali Govender, some will also be charged
with intimidation. We cannot support illegal activity, irrespective of what the motivation behind the action. You cannot attempt to wrest land from people without due process, and intimidation is an absolute no-no. It has nothing to do with race or gender, it has to do with morals and ethics and the fact that the EFF are acting illegally. So, if you feel that our lack of support for your cause is racist you are completely wrong, but so be it.
ON to national news. Can you believe how everyone wants Ashwin Willemse’s walkout on SuperSport over the weekend to be racially motivated? What is wrong with South Africans that want every argument, every sound-bite and every disagreement to be racially motivated? Perhaps fellow presenters Naas Botha and Nick Mallett did spur Willemse’s outburst with racial comments; who knows what these television personalities do off-camera? But, as far as the video footage I have seen, nothing untoward was said to Willemse on the set. Sure, the commentators and panel usually have some good-natured comments about each other, particularly if the provincial side they played for or support has had a difficult weekend, but that is the beauty of the show and the reason so many people watch. It is about time for us to stop looking for racism in every comment and get on with solving real problems.

HAPPY birthday greetings to everyone celebrating a special day next week, with good wishes and many happy times for many more years ahead, especially for Julie Bessinger, Hester du Plessis, Alf Beavis, John Edmund, Mark Burgess, Nosise Silatsha, Mxolisi Mgeni, Chris Alexander, Robey Pretorius, Antoinette Swartz, Candida Goeda, Basil Wormaid, Caleb Kieck, Mike Whelan, Jesse Vogel, Graeme Kelbrick, Zelda Odendaal, Candy Dell, Terri Stander, David Haig, Ted Phillips, Yvette Eloff, Ron Ball, Qondile Mthwalo, Jessica Maritz, Bruce Venters, Natalie Horn, Lisa Fonseca, Nikki Bendeman, Bruce Lloyd, Kathy Knight, Mabel Coetzer, Peggy Schuddinh, Laura Coetzee, Natalie Okonski Wantenaar, Crystal Carelse.

CONGRATULATIONS and further success to all businesses and organisations on another
anniversary with all good wishes for many more better years ahead, especially for KFC,
Stix 2nd Hand Shop, CosiHome, Soetbev Swimming Centre and the Collegiate High and Junior Schools which celebrate their 143 anniversary.

THE rand is holding its own against international currencies despite a sharp dip last week. But the price of Brent Crude oil is still higher than it has been for some time and will definitely have a lasting impact on the prices in the shops for some time to come. With last year’s figures in brackets at the time of going to press the Rand was trading at R12.63 to the Dollar (R12.98), R16.83 to the Pound (R16.84) and R14.79 to the Euro (R14.54). Gold was trading at $1 294.62 per fine ounce ($1252.13), Platinum to $912.05 per ounce ($946.50) with only Brent Crude Oil at $78.80 per barrel ($51.52).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are not well, who are having
or have already had tests, operations and treatments. “Sterkte” to Roy Potter, Andrew
de Vries, Dot Fetherstonhaugh, Emilene Bruwer, Jenny Groenewald and Mark Price.

SINCERE condolences to the family and friends of Margaret Elizabeth Lemmer who
passed away recently. A memorial service will be held at the Presbyterian Church at
9.30am for 10am on May 25. May cherished memories give you strength in this difficult

WE were sorry to hear of the passing of Herman Crouse on Saturday May 19. His smile and big heart will be missed by all. Condolences to his family and friends especially your wife Petro, his children and grandchildren.

IT was a shock last week when I heard of the death of a friend who lived for many years
here in Port Alfred. Wayne Shield died last week at his adopted home in the Philippines. So sorry that you’re gone. May you rest in peace my friend.

WEDDING anniversary congratulations and best wishes for many more even better years
ahead to Anthony and Sharon Rudman, Ronnie and Audrey Slaughter, Douw and Simoné Potgieter, Cyril and Laurie Ridden.

THOUGHT for the week: “Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries.”

BEST regards as always,
The Team

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