Neighbourly Notes – 14 June 2018

WINNING SMILES: The winner of our Fish River Resort, two nights midweek break for four people in two double rooms, plus a 4-ball round of golf and golf carts was won by Dee Joiner, left. All she had to do was cut out four pictures from four weeks of Talk of the Town and place them correctly on a grid from the paper. Presenting her with the prize was Talk of the Town sales representative Adele Steck. Picture: ROB KNOWLES

HAPPY Father’s Day for Sunday to all the dads, grandpas and male role models out there. We hope you are spoilt and receive much appreciation from your loved ones. It’s not generally considered as important as Mother’s Day (or any of the myriad other special days in South Africa, for that matter). Guys, do not take your dads for granted, and dads, don’t be so complacent. We deserve a little tender love and kindness, just for the day. Tomorrow we will be out there, working and keeping our families safe, fed and hydrated. Okay, that’s a joint role now, and mom often carries as much or even more of the responsibility, but still, it would be nice to be spoilt just one day a year. So kids, give dad the day off and let’s make Father’s Day a special event for the whole family.

THIS weekend there is a High Tea and Fashion Show at St Paul’s Anglican Church in Port Alfred on Saturday with all proceeds in aid of the SPCA. There’s also a Port Alfred Floral Art Group monthly meeting at Don Powis Hall in Settlers Park. Then, on Sunday, it’s the Father’s Day Golf Champs at Fish River Resort, a BMW motor bike club will be at Harry B’s for breakfast. Or, if church organ music is your thing, Father Noël-Jean Creille will be at St Paul’s Anglican Church for another recital. Alternatively, why not book dad a breakfast, lunch or even supper at one of our fantastic restaurants and cafes in the area? Go on, you know your dad deserves it.

ON to municipal matters. Mayor Phindile Faxi, has promised to make the municipality work more efficiently with his revenue enhancement strategy. This implies beneficiation in its broadest sense; not simply being content with the initial product but processing it further and extracting more benefit from it. This applies to everything and every service the municipality offers, but is nowhere needed more than at our dump sites. Tons of refuse pile up at these sites and entrances frequently become blocked through lack of proper management. Residents take matters into their own hands and burn the piles of refuse or begin informal dump sites elsewhere. Ndlambe has a problem with rubbish and needs to find a solution. We cannot continue to let our air and environment be toxified by burning refuse. Faxi wants us to process our waste so it can be used for other purposes. But this starts with us, the consumers. We must take recycling more seriously by sorting our waste, but the municipality must also come to the party and provide facilities to process our waste, otherwise we might well run out of landfill space in the future. So, Mr Mayor, let’s not just talk about it. Please get the recycling plant back online at Port Alfred as soon as possible, and make it easier for residents to recycle rubbish.

CONGRATULATIONS and every good wish to everyone having and hopefully enjoying a happy birthday in the week ahead, especially to Basil Were, Diana Tarr, Bee Tarr, Gail Holforty, Kaelene Steyn, Denise Drew, Emma Myburgh, Cheryl Coates, Anne Williams, Terry Illingworth, Pat Holford, Valencia Jacobs, Benjemi Barnard, Tom Hartzenberg, Liza Opperman, Betty Bremmer, Hilary Smith, Tanya Schenk, Annette Laas, Annelize Lloyd, Joan Buckley, Shane le Roux, Driekie Straus, Jean Page, Andrew du Plessis, Calla-Ann Faca, Winston Vermaak, Linda Reynolds, Cecelia Morris, Gordon Reynolds, Gavin Breeden, Lynette Hansen, Kris Gallager, James Boucher, Marie du Plessis, Cary Davis, Jennifer Groenewald, June Barnes, Fuzeka Runeli, Chris Carter, Norma Terry, Amanda Ludick, Cindy Katz.

BUSINESS anniversary congratulations with even more success in the year ahead to Guido’s, Designer Laser Engraving, Port Alfred Country Club, Leaf it to Me Garden Services, Mike’s Driving School and Port Alfred High School’s Founders Day.

HOW many of our readers are 80-years-of-age or older? If that’s you, imagine that a company began on the day you were born and is still in operation today. That’s CM Heunis, a local construction company that has survived a world war, recession, floods, fires and the transition to our new democratic dispensation. And now, Brian Knight, Hain Ackerman and George Ngesi have taken over the reins and are going to take the company forward for at least another 80 years. Well done CM Heunis.

CONSIDERING everything going on around the world at the moment, including a seeming collapse of European unity, North Korea talks, Palestine and Israel, Iran, American trade deals and more, it is surprising that markets have remained fairly stable. However, the pressure is building and something is simmering. Let’s hope it’s not another economic recession. At the time of going to press and with last year’s figures in brackets to compare against, the rand was trading at R13.38 to the Dollar (R12.76), R17.86 to the Pound (R16.31) and R15.72 to the Euro (R14.32). Gold is trading at $1 293.93 per fine ounce ($1 268.50), platinum at $901.45 per ounce ($938.50) and only Brent crude oil at $75.39 per barrel ($46.13).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are not well, who are having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. “Sterkte” to Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Dot Fetherstonhaugh, Emilene Bruwer, Jenny Groenewald, Mark Price.

SINCERE condolences to the family and friends of Fred Dragsund, who passed away Wednesday June 6 after a long illness. May cherished memories give you strength in this difficult time.

TINY Steenkamp aka Hugo Warren, also passed away recently. He was one of the real characters around town and, although he spent the last few years struggling with his health, who will forget his booming tenor voice and the many charitable functions he arranged as music impresario. He will be remembered as the Mario Lanza of South Africa, and his artwork still decorates many homes and buildings in the area. Our sincere condolences to the family, Doreen, Debbie, Warren and Shane.

WEDDING anniversary congratulations to all couples enjoying such an occasion, especially Ken and Catherine Reynolds, Barry and Herma Purdon, Bradley and Kathryn Fick, Reay and Dee Squires.

CONGRATULATIONS and every happiness to Eric Strydom and Lisa Came who got engaged recently. All the best for many happy years together.

WELL done to the Blitzboke (sevens rugby) for winning the world sevens series. And congratulations to the Springboks for your win against England on Saturday. Let’s keep it up and beat the Pommies in all three games to help restore our rightful place as rugby world champs.

THOUGHT for the week: “Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom”.

BEST regards as always, The Team

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