WATCH | Trevor Noah on Serena Williams: What’s a coach for if a coach can’t coach you?

Trevor Noah has added his voice to the drama surrounding Serena Williams and her actions during the women’s final at the US Open‚ explaining that he did not understand why a coach isn’t allowed to coach.

Serena was given a code violation for coaching after the umpire said her coach was spotted giving her hand gestures during the game. She was also given a penalty point for racquet abuse and a game penalty for calling the umpire a thief.

Serena said male athletes do the same and get away with it‚ sparking a furious debate about sexism in tennis.

Trevor Noah‚ who was at the final‚ commented on the issue during a behind-the-scenes segment on his show‚ The Daily Show.

“I’m like‚ what’s a coach for if a coach can’t coach you? That seems like a really weird thing because apparently coaches are not supposed to coach you. They’re just supposed to come to your game and be like‚ ‘mm-hmmm‚ hmmm-mm.'”

You can watch the full video here:

By: Jessica Levitt

Source: TMG Digital.

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