Ndlambe Municipal Notice: Liquor Trading Hours

Extension of liquor trading hours

This notice serves to inform all affected parties of a resolution taken by Ndlambe Council at the meeting held in Cannon Rocks on December 7.  The following resolutions were taken:

  1. That on Monday, December 31 2018, an extension of liquor trading hours BE GRANTED until 4am the next day which is January 1 2019.
  2. That extension for liquor trading hours BE GRANTED for an hour during weekdays and weekends commencing from the December 14 2018 up to January 2 2019.
  3. That the owners of the liquor outlets/taverns should take full responsibility to evacuate their customers in 15 minutes after the closing time.
  4. That the Tavern owners should take responsibility for the safety of their patrons.
  5. That on Saturday, December 15 2018 extension of liquor trading hours BE GRANTED until 4am the next day which is the December 16.

Please note that off-consumption liquor outlets were not included within this resolution, hence the Recess Committee will be sitting on December 19 to take a decision.  All off-consumption liquor outlets are welcome to request for a resolution of the above-mentioned meeting at the Corporate Services Department.

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