Scifest 2019

Among the many interesting lectures delivered by overseas scientist and our local scientists one of the many was presented by Dr. André Vermeulen from NeuroLink, SA

“The quest for identifying and optimising potential, cannot start at a more fundamental place than understanding how people think, learn and process information” began the doctor at the start of his talk. The brain can re-wire itself and as an example the Dr told us about a Chinese lady who was born with a large segment of her brain missing and she was able to manage and communicate without any problems. Her brain had simply re-wired itself! In fact, one can live basically a normal life with just half brain centers.

The important thing is to remain positive about everything even though on the face of it, it is not. Persistent negativity is not good for the brain its neurons (a specialized cell transmitting nerve impulses). Neurons are electrically excitable cells in the nervous system that function to process and transmit information and if that information is habitually negative it is probable that that individual would not go far or achieve very much in his or her life. Be a positive thinker the Dr, told the assembled audience. Positive energy can make for a better world and a positive thinker is far more able to take up and deal with those many challenges which we are all faced with from time to time in our lives.

Evaluate yourself and think about your thinking! Always try to be positive at your work place at your home and when with others!

Peter Grist



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