With the Port Alfred municipal works yard having been targeted repeatedly by thieves in the past, a guard posted there on Friday night pressed his panic button for assistance after he saw some suspicious looking men at the back of the site.

MultiSecurity sent a response officer who made contact with the guard, but he could not find the suspicious men.


  • Burglars who broke into Liquor Land in Albany Road – another repeat target – favoured only the Amarula, taking four bottles.

MultiSecurity responded to an alarm in the early hours of Saturday morning and informed the owner. SAPS also attended.

The burglars had gained entry by smashing a hole in the front sliding door.


  • MultiSecurity responded to a panic signal at the Midway Bike Club in Albany Road on Sunday evening.

A response officer caught a 13-year-old youth who had entered through an unlocked sliding door.

The youngster is alleged to have broken a toilet window using a spade to get into the bar area and take a cash register with an undisclosed amount of cash.

He then allegedly put the cash register inside an empty mealie meal bag and was climbing out the window when the response officer caught him. A case was opened.


  • The owner of a guest house called MultiSecurity for assistance on Saturday morning as she was having a problem with a guest.

She said the  guest did not  want to pay rent or leave the premises. MultiSecurity called SAPS for help and left in their hands.

But later that afternoon, the guest house owner called again and asked for SAPS as the guest had only paid R500, not the full amount. When police arrived, the guest was already gone.


  • MultiSecurity responded to a panic signal from a shop in Joe Slovo Street in Nemato last Saturday morning.

The client reported to men driving a white Opel Kadett had attempted to rob him. They had gone by the time response officers and police arrived.


  • There was a break-in at Buco in Main Street last Wednesday, called in by a manager.

The burglars gained entry by breaking a window at the front near the reception and stole a cash register draw. But Buco reported there was not much money in the till. A case was opened.


  • The owner of Rank Take-aways at the taxi rank pressed his panic signal last Wednesday afternoon after a man threatened him with a knife.

When MultiSecurity arrived the man had already gone. Police were also informed.

While patrolling the area, the MultiSecurity response officer spotted the suspect and caught him at Heritage Mall. He brought him back to the shop. Police took the man to the police station.

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