BCM schools not escaping flu bug

High levels of absenteeism are occurring at East London schools as flu takes hold of the Buffalo City Metro.

Three strains of the flu virus are active this winter – two influenza A strains and one influenza B strain.

Last week, Nelson Mandela Bay was struck by flu, with doctors advising sick patients to stay home.

Clinical pathologist Dr Louise Nutt reported that the number of positive infections “just exploded”, but emphasised flu is a preventable illness that can be avoided with flu vaccinations.

The flu has now broken out in East London, with Stirling and Selborne primary schools having experienced high levels of absenteeism.

“We’ve had a lot of reports of children ill, with some staying away and others in and out between exams. While I cannot confirm how many, I know for sure there has been an increase over the past two weeks of children absent,” said Stirling Primary School principal Peter Johnston.

Health department spokesperson, Sizwe Kupelo, said the department had activated its outbreak response team to monitor the situation regarding flu.

By Mbali Tanana – DispatchLive

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