Water levels of the EC province show a decline

Department of Water and Sanitation urges all consumers to double their water conservation efforts

The combined average of the Eastern Cape Province’s water levels have decreased, from 60.6% to 60.1% this week, the weekly report by the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) has revealed.

The situation in other parts of the province shows that winter is upon us and drought conditions abound. Amathole District dams such as Xilinxa, Bigdle Drift, and Sandile are struggling to maintain decent levels. Xilinxa dam that supplies Butterworth is sitting at 13.5% this week, compared to 14.9% last week, Bridle Drift dam is below 50%, sitting at 43.9% and Sandile dam declined from 56.1% last week to 54.9% this week.

In Nelson Mandela Bay and Sarah Baartman District Municipality the drought is not yet over and its dams are decreasing. Kouga Dam recorded a mere 44.7% this week, as opposed to 45.1% last week, Impofu Dam remains low at 24.9% and Haarlem Dam dropped from 72.2% last week to 71.3% this week.

According to the departmental spokesperson, Sputnik Ratau: “In Makhanda there is no sign of a natural respite as locals continue to receive water for basic use mainly from boreholes and water tankers. However, a tripartite partnership between DWS, provincial government and the municipality is pulling all the stops to ensure access to drinking water in that area.”

Dams that supply Chris Hani District Municipality are reflecting different levels as Waterdown Dam is sitting at 45.4% while Macubeni remains at 95.9%. There is not a drop of water left in Bonkolo Dam as it reflects zero percent while Xonxa Dam remained full at 99.4%

Against this backdrop, the DWS has urged all consumers in the province to double their water conservation efforts to avoid running out of water completely during winter.

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