Cricket academy promises to nurture young talent

Nemato foundation launched its cricket academy world cup on Monday evening at MyPond conference centre, also revealing the trophy and the theme song for their world cup, which is due to start at the Hospital grounds on June 10.

FUTURE CRICKET CAPTAINS: Showing off the cups along with the newly appointed captains of each team from left, Sally Blake, Jayden Adams, Luyolo Mtyaba, Pumezo Timba, Inako Blouw and Nkosana Mguwe at the Nemato Cricket world cup launch held at MyPond Hotel on Monday evening Picture: NTOMBI MSUTU

The launch was opened with prayer followed by a presentation informing people what exactly this cricket academy will bring to the community of Nemato and Station Hill.

Coach Pumezo Timba gave some information about the Nemato Cricket Academy and what it aims to do for the community.

“We believe that this programme will change a lot of lives in the community. We want these boys to develop love for cricket, even without our presence. Sometimes we want them to live, breathe and talk about the sport every day. With your support we know we can make this happen,” Timba said.

Another cricket coach, Nkosana Mguwe, added to what Timba had said telling the audience what the vision of the Nemato Cricket Academy was and what they want to achieve with these boys in long term.

“We have selected four schools in the townships, Port Alfred Première in Station Hill, along with Mtyhobo Primary School, Kuyasa Combined School, and Dambuza Primary School. We want to identify their talent, nurture it and also give it the necessary exposure. This will not be a once-off event, and we are hoping to see some great cricket results,” Mguwe said.

Sally Blake of Nemato foundation said she has seen how Timba and Mguwe have been working hard on making this event a reality, and this cricket tournament is also promising to be a huge success.

“I have known these guys for quite some time now, I know when they into something they give it their all, working with them in sport has been quite an eye opener, and I also know that they will make this tournament one to remember, and this will be the first of many tournaments that will be hosted by them,” Blake said.


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