Confident Girls Club aims to unite and empower young women

The Confident Girls Club, a further development of the gender sensitive non-profit organisation Confident Girls, was launched at My Pond Hotel last Saturday.

Confident Girls was the brainchild of Temba Tele, who started the organisation to provide sanitary pads to girls attending schools in impoverished areas, after learning how girls would stay home from school as they had no means to attend to their monthly menstrual cycle, and suffered from embarrassment and shame.

He succeeded in getting donations from local businesses, service organisations and individuals to buy and distribute sanitary pads to township and rural schools across Ndlambe on an ongoing basis.

Tele said the Confident Girls Club was the next step in the organisation.

“The aim of the club is to unite girls from all walks of life, [and] prepare them to become future world changers,” he said. “Our approach is creativity through play, helping them to grow as individuals and enhancing their self-image. The club will facilitate group dynamics, interpersonal relationships, communication skills and self-discipline.”

Tele said the club would stand firm against women and child abuse, teenage pregnancy, human trafficking, and alcohol and drug abuse.

“We also aim to lend a hand to our community by being involved in charity work, volunteering and community engagement,” he said.

Tele said they had accepted 20 girls as the first members of the club. At their launch of the club, the girls were entertained with a boat ride up the Kowie River and played various games.

“The girls are to be given the opportunity to meet new friends, play, read, study and relax within an environment which promotes positive and creative thinking without the formality of the academic environment,” he said.

“The club will provide life enhancing programmes and character development experiences. [It will] provide knowledge and skills to deal with social ills.”

He also intends to assist Grade 12 pupils with tertiary education applications and NSFAS bursary fund applications.

Tele said the girls would also do various activities such as music, dancing, plays and poems.

There is no membership fee – the club will be supported through donations and sponsorship.

The club accepts girls between 13 and 18 years old as members. Parents who have an interest in their girls joining the club may contact Temba Tele on (046) 624-1762 or e-mail

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