Neighbourly Notes – 12 September 2019

ICE CREAM AND COLDDRINK: Walking around Wharf Street and enjoying the festivities last Friday evening were Hayley Coetzee, left, and Robyn Dacombe. Picture: NTOMBI MSUTU

THE Universities Boat Race is back this year, after seemingly calling it quits after last year’s event. We are glad the event is back, and with new marketing people in charge it appears, as they actually sent a press release through, albeit too late for the newspaper. Look for the race preview on our website, Teams from 11 universities will be battling it out on the Kowie River for the prestigious trophies – the Cambridge Rudder for the winning men’s crew in the A final, and the Isis Blade for the winning women’s crew. The boat race is a festive occasion and good for the town, as rowing crews and their friends and family spend money here and it puts Port Alfred on the map. If you want to watch some stellar rowing on display, get down to the Kowie River banks between today and Saturday, when the finals will take place.

IF you’re in the mood for some fine seafood this weekend, head to Kenton Rotary’s Annual Fisherman’s Feast at the Kenton Town Hall on Friday evening. Having experienced this feast in the past, we can attest it’s well worth attending.

IT’S an active weekend for Kenton Rotary, as they are hosting some beach fun at Kariega Main Beach below Homewoods on Saturday afternoon. It is aimed at kids aged 4 – 12 years old and will be a series of age appropriate obstacle courses with a few prizes to be won.

ALSO, this weekend, the Rhino Run is happening in Kenton on Sunday morning. The run takes place at four venues around the country simultaneously, but Kenton boasts the biggest turnout, and it’s no wonder as you could not ask for a more picturesque venue. It’s for a great cause – raising money for rhino conservation by well-established organisations, helping to protect the noble beasts which have been savagely plundered for their horns – increasingly in recent years. The run starts at the beach outside Homewoods restaurant.

WE have frequently reported on the problems that arise with trucks passing through Port Alfred, including speeding, jack-knifing, losing their loads and even toppling over. Also the fact that some truck drivers feel they can park wherever they please, and the ongoing and highly dangerous practice of making illegal stops on the now non-existent road shoulder in Southwell Road to pick up and drop off hitch-hikers. Well, it’s not only truck drivers that abuse the new kerbing and pavements along Southwell Road. We also spotted a tour bus doing the same thing, in broad daylight on Monday morning, the driver having simply ramped the pavement to park and buy lunch, which he and his co-driver ate at leisure while sitting in the open luggage compartment. Perhaps someone called the Ndlambe traffic department, or maybe it was just lucky timing, that a traffic cop pulled up next to them and told them the obvious – that they may not park there and must be on their way. Well done, and we want to see more of this type of proactive policing on the R72 through town, please Ndlambe traffic.

IN national news, two violent cases have headlined over the past week – one being the brutal murder of UCT student Uyinene Mrwetyana, and the other the ongoing wave of xenophobic violence in Johannesburg and other parts of Gauteng, seemingly sparked by the death of a taxi driver. While crimes against women are pervasive in South Africa, the murder of Mrwetyana has struck a chord and galvanised people, with an outpouring of outrage on social media, and protests of solidarity against gender-based violence taking place at schools and universities. In death, Mrwetyana has become the poster child for every victim of rape and murder. Even the ruling party seems to have paid attention, and is promising to “fast-track” the amendment of sexual offences and domestic violence laws to ensure that harsher sentences are put in place for all crimes against women and children. Whether this really happens or is just more empty words to respond to the latest trending outrage remains to be seen.

AS for the xenophobic violence, President Cyril Ramaphosa was pilloried for his tardy and mealy-mouthed response. This is not the first time there has been such a horrific outpouring of hatred and violence on the street towards foreigners in this country. It is still vivid enough in the mind to remember the widespread xenophobic attacks of 2008, and more recently in 2015. The flames are fanned by prominent people making reckless statements, such as Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini in 2015.

WITH last year’s figures in brackets for comparison, the Rand was trading at R14.69 to Dollar (R15.07), R18.12 to the Pound (R19.64) and R16.21 to the Euro (R17.48). Gold trading at $1,491.53 per fine ounce ($1,201.60), Platinum at $935 ($790.00) and Brent Crude oil at $62.80 per barrel ($68.89).

GREETINGS and birthday wishes to everyone enjoying another special day in the week ahead, especially Pam Hopper, Veronica Mansfield, Ryan Owsley, Helen Emslie, Colin Wiggett, Edwin Randall, Clare du Plessis, Dee Squires, Corrie Groenewald, Tony Versfeld, Anne McCreath, Nigel Difford, Val Thorncroft, Robyn Cock, Karen White, Robyn Solwandle, Jenna Pretorius, John Mobbs, Selby Tarr, Jamie Kleinhans, Jenna Rowe, Dillan Dugard, Mandie Cirhakazi Mangesi, Carole Hill, Nancy Meyer, Jacobus Nel, Kathleen Sansom, Dean Charter, Amy Bennett, Gillis de Korte, Doris Emslie, Carl Haller, Isobel Meyer, Jan Pearson, Alec Clark, Dennis Crowther, Pietie le Roux, Nomawethu Seti, Sonelle Muller, Nolonwabo Mani, Denise Rutgers, Van Faca, Dianne Menin and El-sje Willis.

BUSINESS anniversary congratulations and may success continue to grace your doors, is the wish we send to all businesses and organisations celebrating, including Kowie Key, Pick n Pay Liquors, DA Office and Diaz Cross Bird Club.

WEDDING anniversary greetings and congratulations with wishes for many more wonderful times ahead to Mark and Tracy Deenik, Chris and Janice Housten, Chris and Erica Alexandre.

THOUGHT for the week: “Success is peace of mind, a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming”.

BEST regards as always,
The Team.

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