Lady Biscay boat a good adventure for your year-end functions

It is that time of the year again when people will be going to different places for their work year-end functions, and going on a boat cruise with your colleagues might be a brilliant way to unwind and feast your eyes on the beautiful scenery that surrounds Kowie River.

END OF THE YEAR: Don’t forget to book your year end functions at Kowie River Cruises- Lady Biscay

After a long year in the work place, most people look forward to relaxation and fun even if it’s for one day. You need not look further Kowie River Cruises’ Lady Biscay who has a team on board that will have you and your colleagues sharing unforgettable memories.

Owner Graeme Kelbrick said that their boat can take up to 45 people and the cruise lasts two hours.

“We have a full bar, people can do their own catering or ask me to do it for them.  Snacks are also allowed if you want to bring your own. We also don’t have a specific operating time and people can contact me to book for whatever time for your boat cruise. We have even done boat cruises at night before,” Kelbrick said.

Unwinding on a river cruise is a lovely way to spend the morning or afternoon viewing the scenery on the river. Lady Biscay cruises leave from Wharf Street in Port Alfred. It is a covered barge, allowing for all types of weather. They can also host special events such as birthday parties etc. This is a wonderful way to spend two hours taking in the beautiful scenery of the Kowie River. See advert for contact details to book your year-end function.

For your bookings and more information on the cruise and prices you can contact Graeme Kelbrick on 071-290-4949


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