Rigid inflatable boat capsized in the Kowie River Mouth



Chris Pike, NSRI Port Alfred deputy station commander, said:

At 06h56, Saturday, 28th December, NSRI Port Alfred duty crew were activated following reports of a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) capsized in the Kowie River Mouth and sucked out the mouth by currents with a male and a female on board.

We launched the sea rescue craft Lotto Challenger and Rescue 11 Alpha and our sea rescue vehicle responded and a male and a female, from Queenstown, were rescued onto sea rescue craft and their boat was righted and towed to the small boat harbour and recovered.

At 09h06 NSRI Port Alfred duty crew dispatched our sea rescue vehicle and we launched the sea rescue craft Rescue 11 Alpha and Lotto Challenger following reports of 16 foot Catamaran power boat capsized off-shore of Port Alfred.

On arrival on the scene 1 man was found clinging on to the upturned hull and it was reported that 2 men were trapped in the cabin below water.

NSRI rescue swimmers were deployed into the water to free dive to search for the 2 men when at that time both men surfaced and they were rescue onto the sea rescue craft.

They were brought to shore and the 3 men, 1 local man and 2 men from Kimberley, were medically checked by Guardmed ambulance services and required no further assistance.

The casualty boat was too water logged to right or recover and was anchored for salvage to be arranged by the owners later.


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