10-year-old girl saved from drowning – Kleinemonde East River

According to Steven Slade, NSRI Port Alfred station commander,  at 13h55, Wednesday, 01 January, NSRI Port Alfred, EC Government Health EMS and Gardmed ambulance services attended to a 10 year old female, from Peddie, for non-fatal drowning symptoms at Kleinemonde East River after the paddle board she was on with her dad capsized.

Bystanders had initiated chest compressions on the girl and their efforts were joined by former NSRI Port Alfred crewmen and then by an NSRI Port Alfred trainee crewman who assisted before NSRI Port Alfred duty crew and paramedics arrived.

The girl was transported by EMS ambulance to hospital in a serious but stable condition.

NSRI commend the actions of the public members and former NSRI crew members who assisted.

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