Port Alfred beach ablutions, public taps still have water

In an update on Port Alfred’s water crisis on January 7, Ndlambe Municipality infrastructural development director Noluthando Vithi said “all public taps are being disconnected” as part of the municipality’s management plan.

As of this afternoon, all public ablutions along the beachfront are open and there is still water. Most toilets flush and taps have running water. The same is true of the tap next to the library used by informal car washers. More video clips below.

Public toilets at Kelly’s Beach. Tap still turns on, toilets and urinals working.

Public shower on Kelly’s Beach still working.

Public toilets at Port Alfred’s Middle Beach. One of the toilets can still flush. The flushing mechanisms on the others appear to be broken.

The tap outside the Port Alfred municipal library, used by informal car washers, still works.

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