‘Treat people like people’ says differently-abled speaker

The Royal Port Alfred Golf Club hosted a fundraising event for Healing Horses on Monday evening to raise awareness and funds for its work in improving the lives of differently-abled people, old and young. The RPAGC car park was full as more than  150 people attended the event.

Guest speaker and advocate for the differently-abled, Michaela (Chaeli) Mycroft, has done more in her 25-years of life than most “Normality-abled” people, being an award-winning dancer, a runner, a mountain climber and a motivational speaker – to name but a few of her achievements.

Mycroft is also a horse rider who had to choose between riding horses and dancing. She chose dancing and has won many awards for wheelchair dancing as a consequence.

However, her advocacy for the disabled has become a huge part of her life and has led her to face challenges that even “normality-abled” (her phrase) people would find difficult.

Full story in this week’s Talk of the Town.

ADVOCATE FOR CHANGE: Chaeli Mycroft is an independent lady who never allows her disability to define who she is. As a paraplegic, she understands the challenges faced daily by those with disabilities and fights for understanding, patience and the opportunity to be treated fairly by society. To her left, lying down is her faithful companion, her canine helper, Eden Picture: ROB KNOWLES

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