Long journey with a cross to Mighty Men

THEIR CROSS TO BEAR: Christian members of the Gonubie community carry a cross from their home all the way to Jeffreys Bay each year to encourage men to attend the Mighty Men Conference and learn how to be better fathers, sons and husbands. Pictured here at the entrance to Willows Caravan Park are the cross-bearers and their support team, from left, Greg Goddard, Jonny Roach, Grant Levar, Heinrich Greer, David Smith, Reverend Anthony Mentis and Leon Horn Picture: ROB KNOWLES

With the Reverend Anthony Mentis leading the way on his motorcycle, a group of men are carrying a large fibreglass cross all the way from Gonubie to Jeffreys Bay in anticipation of the 2020 Mighty Men conference due to take place over the weekend of March 13 to 15.

This is the third year the men have made the journey, what they term the “cross walk”, to enlighten people and promote reconciliation and unity in South Africa as they make their way to Mighty Men.

See this week’s Talk of the Town for the full story.

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