A difficult conundrum

People must maintain a reasonable distance between themselves and others when queueing during the 21-day shutdown

LOCKDOWN? WHAT LOCKDOWN? More than 100 residents queued outside the Nemato Spar on Tuesday morning, Day 5 of the national lockdown. Whether for groceries or to pick up social grants it is essential that the governments ruling regarding social distancing be observed by all Picture: ROB KNOWLES

South Africa is on Day 5 of the 21-day lockdown, but many are ignoring the government’s ruling on social distancing; some in defiance yet others because they feel they have no choice.

As the government approved the payment of social grants two-days early this month in order to alleviate strain on the system and allow recipients to withdraw and use their grant money for essential items timeously, multitudes have gathered at the pay-points all around the country.

The queues at pay-points have been long as recipients wait in-line to receive their grants, increasing their chances of contact and contamination from Covid-19.

Further, many of these pay-points are unmanned and therefore users risk potential contamination from any moisture left on the keypads by an infected person.

The queues outside supermarkets and any shops that have remained open is also a factor to consider as unless social distancing is observed, everyone in the queue is a potential victim. The same goes for the rush on the pharmacies for medicines.

Should the lockdown continue past its current 21-day period some shops may run short of certain items, but that is no reason to panic-buy as this will most certainly cause shortages.

The general rallying call is that, if the lockdown is to be effective the government’s warnings of the danger must be heeded, and all South Africans must pull together.

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