No booze or smokes under level 4 restrictions

Cogta minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma explained the conditions of level 4 lockdown on Wednesday night. Image: GCIS
Alcohol and cigarettes would not be allowed under level 4 restrictions, the government said on Wednesday night.

“Alcohol is not allowed yet on level 4,” said Cogta minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

On top of this, for “health reasons”, cigarettes, tobacco and related products – including vaping – would also not be allowed.

Dlamini-Zuma said there were about 2,000 public comments against a proposal to allow the sale of cigarettes. There was also discussion within the government.

“Government took that into consideration and debated the merits and looked at it and decided that we must continue as we are when it comes to cigarettes and tobacco products and related, that we should not open up the sale,” she said.

“The reasons are health-related. It hasn’t been allowed, it’s still not allowed – just like alcohol, all forms of liquor are not allowed in terms of sale.”

Dlamini-Zuma said those who made alcohol at home could also be in breach of the law if they did not consume it themselves at home.

“If you start giving it to others, distributing and selling it, it is also not allowed,” she said.

By Matthew Savides


  1. Thanks for taking a shit on my human rights by denying me the right to choose what I do with my body. I think we need to take her food away for health reasons. Because she’s unhealthy fat

  2. I think its very very wrong..u guys will agree dat ciggaretes musnt be sell..dats coz u not smokers…u are indirectly putting ppl out on da streets..let da smokers buy dey cigarettes..n as for myself..doesnt matter da decision..IM GNA GET MY CIGARETTES ..N IM GNA SMOKE..CUM HELL HIGH WATERS..A NONE SMOKER CANT MAKE A DECISION FOR SMOKERS AND JUSTIFY IT WITH HEALTH..ITS LIKE GIVING CPR TO A DEAD SITUATION..

  3. They talk about health issues with alcohol and smokes yet we have people in our front line of health that are passing on due to the virus….why not protect them first instead of worrying about 2000 other people who are against smoking?in a country that has over 2 million people that smoke how can a decision be taken after 2000 people are against it?
    We rather loose 35 million rand a day from sin taxes than to sell a product that will start recovering the economy….and they say they want to stop the sales of couterfiet goods lol well done its a lovely way
    Its all upside down

  4. i am gonna way or another…if i have to break my lockdown…which i dont want to…now i must go find smokez..and i will…so much easier and safer if i just bought them when i go buy bread…but hey…i want to support the govt…but i cant support this blantant dictatorship.

  5. Exactly, we have the right to choose to smoke. How many Carona cases are smokers. Give us that statistics. Who is in charge in this country, Ramaphosa or this spiteful woman. He said we can buy cigarettes, now she reverses that decision, because 2000 people complained. But this government apparantlt don’t need the Billions lost in Taxes on cigarette sales

  6. Mrs. Dlamini-Zuma, You’ve been Allowing people to get addicted to Cigarettes and Alchohol for decades!, people like myself, LEGALLY might I add!, in other words selling Cigarettes and Alchohol which is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! Not unlike any Narcotic Drugs etc. Which is Illegal, but thriving on the Black Market, Which is a Multi-Billion Dollar industry might I add, So let me be the 1st on Congratulating You on creating another, but You’re saving lives right, so i guess it doesn’t matter.

    Know because You claim to know what’s best for My Health, a person You don’t know by any means, a person You’ll never get to meet, a person You expect to TRUST in the Government, the ANC Government no less, by telling us that we will be able to use a tool which would be VERY handy under these VERY STRESSFUL Conditions! Because 2000 people, of which the probability is about 10% of them actually being smokers after I signed a petition of about 270 000 signatures STRONG.


    Am I wrong here but did You just single handedly take my Human Rights and Every other South Africans clean out of our Hands?

    What on Earth makes that Legal? Or did I miss something here?


    So here it is, You’ve made Myself and Potentially 270 000 other South Africans Very Very Angry!

    I honestly hope against all hope You have a STRONG contingency plan for what You’re about to face during and after Your very very bad Decision making on behalf of Thousands of not Millions of People. I am not an Expert, not a Doctor, not a Scientist, not a Politician, but I A Person Living in the same Country You are.

    My Life has Value! Our Lives have Value….

    Food for Thought…from one of Your suppose to be Loyal Citizens…!

  7. they must not bother us next year when they need our votes, dlamini-zuma is acting like we need public places to smoke mxm and if u have never smoked a day in your life u will speak this nonsense. The worry that i have is that we are buying expensive cigarette and fake gkods and yet our government is saying we have no money whilst cigarettes and booze are biggest generator of revenue

  8. If they don’t open liquor stores alot will close down and never open again. There are no funds to help the owners with liquor licenses
    ( soletrader / informal) . Government must look after us!!!!! They closed us and we will be closed for a long time. We can’t survive, we are starving with no income. Help the ones with a liquor license!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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