Neighbourly Notes – 9 April 2020

MILES OF EMPTINESS: A photograph taken at Kelly’s Beach on Saturday show that, despite the warm autumn
sunshine, locals were adhering to the lockdown regulations and staying off the beaches Picture: ROB KNOWLES

ALMOST 14 days since the lockdown began, we hope you are all keeping well and safe at home. Remember to obey the national lockdown and limit your outdoors visits for shopping to an absolute minimum. It still seems that many people are either unaware of the contagion or simply ignoring the rules. Stay indoors; it’s not just your health at stake.

DON’T forget your copy of Talk of the Town, available at your stores today (and available whenever you next visit the shops). In there you will find important local news as well ascontact numbers and other information. Thanks to all our advertisers who are still placing ads as well as those workers who are carrying out essential services and risking their health by attending work or the office to keep the system going. We respect your efforts and will support you by abiding by the rules of the lockdown.

HAPPY birthday greetings and all good wishes to everyone enjoying a birthday in the week ahead, especially Jean Wright, Charlene Palmer, Ronnie Slaughter, Eve van Rooyen, Brian Burnette, Colin Purdon, Morgan Hunke, Lara Heny, Barbara Morgan, Jon Houzet, Charleen Foster, Abenathi Stuurman, Melissa Bowles, Karl Badenhorst, Bianca Steenkamp, Irene Tawse, Trevor Langley, Brent Thorp, Valerie Chalker, Kudu Pancoust, Debbie Ford, Karen Wilson, Kian Swanepoel, Arthur Beresford, Odette Gailey, Eleanor Taai, Lesley Stevenson, Cecile Welgemoed, Barry Rudman, Nicholas McCreath, Jaida Ball, Leanne Swart, Gerhild Scholz, Julia Jamieson, Bruce Findlay, Alexandra Albers, Kyra Colyvas, Jillian Tyson, Clair Meiring, Rory Gardner, Steven Minaar, Christo Kok, Inke Sap, Angelique Timm, Herman Purdon, Bernard du Plessis, Lesley Futter, Gillian Rautenbach, Buddy Brownlee, Peggy Mager, Erin Brits, Caitlin Bessinger, Joyce Webb, Tracy Mills Willemse, Sue Bradfield, Maartje Verhaak, Dina Pusilewicz, Sonia Nginase, Fanie Behrens, Philip Swanepoel, Kelly van der Merwe, Terry Lansdell.

FURTHER success and congratulations to the following businesses celebrating another anniversary and may these lead to many more, especially Independent Property Consultants (Van der Riet Street), L.P Gaz (Bathurst Street), Petticoat Lane and the Presbyterian Church which is celebrating its 32nd anniversary in Port Alfred.

THE impact of Covd-19 as well as Moody’s downgrade (the last of the big three financial rating agencies to do so) has left the rand in deep trouble. When the threat of Covid-19 is over we will be left to pick up from where we were and that will prove difficult. Non-investment level (Junk Status) means it is more difficult and expensive for the government to borrow money, either from business, investors or banks. So, when the crisis is over we may still have an uphill battle to recover financially. Businesses will be forced to close their doors and many may find themselves without jobs. At this time we need to control the virus as quickly as possible as this may save a lot of jobs, so strict adherence to the lockdown is essential. With last year’s figures in brackets to compare at the time of going to press, the Rand was trading at R18.15 to the Dollar (R13.97), R22.52 to the Pound (R18.29) and R19.86 to the Euro (R15.75). Gold is $1,595.56 per fine ounce ($1,303.05) with Platinum at $730.00 per ounce ($820.77. Brent Crude Oil is trading at $27.95 per barrel ($71.00).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are not well, having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. Sterkte Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Emilene Bruwer, Jenny Groenewald, Jan Haig, Maureen Botha and Lyn Charter.

WEDDING anniversary congratulations and good wishes for many more great years ahead to all couples celebrating such an occasion, especially Dave and Arleen Young, Graham and Joan Norman, Olly and Bianca Kirby, Kevyn and Lindsay Letley, Terry and Gisella Brickhill, Colin and Louise Wiggett, Robert and Marjorie Sparks, Peter and Doffie van der Byl, Hendrik and Margarite Smit, Stephan and Angela Drennan, John and Lodene Pohl, Thomas and Bonny Blaine and Hettie and Chris Fourie.

THOUGHT for the week: “Happiness is having dreams; success is making those dreams come true”.

BEST regards as always,
The Team


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