Government to provide reasons for cigarette ban

Government is expected to provide reasons for the ban on cigarette and tobacco product sales under level 4 of the lockdown.

This after the Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association filed an urgent court bid for government to lift the ban‚ including on exports.

However‚ the association‚ whose members include cigarette makers Carnilinx and Gold Leaf Tobacco‚ in part A of its application‚ requested minutes of the meeting in which government made decisions pertaining to the sale of cigarettes. The application was expected to be heard in the high court in Pretoria on Tuesday.

In a statement released on Monday‚ the association said part A of its application no longer has a reason to be argued‚ saying that it had been provided with “a substantial portion of the relief” sought.

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on April 23 that the ban on cigarette and tobacco product sales instituted at the start of the lockdown‚ would be lifted as the country moved to level 4. However‚ days later co-operative governance and traditional affairs minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma publicly announced the reversal of the decision in the interests of health.

Ramaphosa later explained that the decision to extend the ban of cigarette sales under the level 4 lockdown regulations was a collective decision of the national coronavirus command council (NCCC) after public consultation.

FITA said government had agreed to provide them with “the record of decision and the reasons for the promulgation of regulation 27 of the level 4 regulations as soon as reasonably possible”.

No date has been determined for part B of their application on the relief sought to declare the sale of tobacco products and cigarettes lawful under the lockdown regulations.

By: Iavan Pijoos

Source: TMG Digital.


  1. Our government is the only government in the whole world that banned tobacco sales and I wonder why? Around the world cigarette sales is a source of income generation for all governments. Our own revenue service has indicated the loss in income from cigarette sales is standing at R 2 billion rand. only for the last 5 weeks. Now the illegal cigarette trade has increased ten fold. and the sources of supply are just beyond our borders. Borders which according to our government is supposedly closed. Now we can do the math on this matter. our government is spending currently according to them billions on our people’s livelihood. Now here’s the funny part. if your spending all that money. Why wouldn’t you want to recuperate some of that money back? if our countries businesses sell cigarettes to our own people our own government would reap the financial benefits. and our businesses will remain afloat. But yet the same government doesn’t want to generate income and doesn’t want our businesses to do business. these are all very funny to me. it makes one think because it doesn’t matter what reasoning you use to try and justify your actions. It still doesn’t add up. 12 Million smoking citizens are forced to buy illegal cigarettes through a market which the very government created. And France have discovered that people who smoke are far more less to get COVID-19.

  2. South African businesses must remember two things. She forced the ban so that her son’s cigarette business can grow. the Ceasers brand is his brand and his sales were very poor. so now they are sold illegally. Now see what the government has done. they have given BAT authorization to export and do bussines outside south Africa but not in south Africa. therefore monopolizing the south African tobacco market to one company. therefore killing employment and increasing unemployment.

  3. The only reason is so that her son’s cigarette company can monopolize the South African market. We should also be careful that this opportunity isn’t being used for money laundering. Scotland Yard and Interpol please take note as this will effect your investigations on Dlamini Zuma money laundering schemes.

  4. So pathetic. Instead of spending money on essentials like food electricity etc we are forced to spend hundreds of rands on illegal cigarettes. Instead of bringing in revenue for the country and alternatively providing more relief for the poor we are forced to spend what could have been donated on expensive alternative cigarettes. Absolutely have no idea where zuma got her bright idea. By this time everyone and anyone educated can see the HUGE mistake that was made by banning cigarette sales but of course, as is always the case with our government, they don’t want to loose face so – lets cut off our nose to spite our face and continue the ban even though we realize we made fools of ourselves and are loosing millions daily but no….. rather don’t let anyone know we are wrong. But lets continue exporting our cigarettes – I mean DUH. Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  5. Our supposedly government leaders are so dumb that they don’t even realize the cigarette ban is costing South African’s more money. Dlamini Zuma’s sons cigarettes are being sold currently at R140 to R180 a packet of 20 cigarettes. A loose cigarette cost between R7 and R10 each. And our revenue service is receiving a bleu cent of this money. Profit straight to the Zuma family. I am telling you guys this is how the Zuma family control the ANC.

  6. Yes for sure our government really now nothing but to profit only themself our poor people must now pay over R150 for illegal cigarettes because we are getti g mentally unstable because we can’t buy smokes and because of there stupidity we suffer more we only have the money saved because we don’t work so we don’t get income and the so call uif relieve when will that be paid not to talk about food Parcells where is that is all this only for selected people’s come on open your eyes Mr president or are someone els wearing the pants.

  7. I have depression and anxiety for more than 20 years. I cant live without sigarettes and i cant smoke that horrible stuff of you Minister Dlamini Zuma. I was at the doctor and he told me to leave that kind of cigarettes ASAP. By the way a lot of you stuff is broken…… We all are South Africans, what best for you is best for us please minister have a hart!!!.……. Here in our land is more crimenels who cell you sigarettes and you are so very pleased with that. Do what you have to da from the book in Jesus naam.

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