Essential work in the construction industry

DIGGING FOR INFORMATION: TotT has asked the municipality for clarity on what building work is allowed under Level-4 lockdown Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Due to a general lack of clarity on the specifics, it is difficult for the man on the street to know what constitutes essential work.

However, when drivers passing along Southwell Road (R72) see workers deployed to apparently remove weeds from the pavement or perhaps in tidying-up the concrete work at the corner of Becker Street, they have to ask themselves if this is really essential work.

For this and many other reasons Talk of the Town has received requests from several builders in the area to find out how they too can begin building work again.

TotT has contacted the municipality to clarify how builders can get back to work and thereby pay the bills (including staff wages). The answer, if received, will appear in the May 21 edition of TotT.


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