Neighbourly Notes – 23 April 2020

A DOG’S LIFE: Anni McInnes’ chowpei, Slater, celebrated his 8th birthday in style during lockdown.

MANY people are aware of the website by now, but if not, it’s well worth checking out. The page provides live tracking of coronavirus statistics globally. As of Monday morning, there were 2,408,304 cases around the world, of which 1,614,133 were active cases and 794,171 were closed. Of the closed cases, there were 165,105 deaths (21%) and 629,066 people (79%) who had recovered from the virus. Of currently affected patients, 97% (1,559,918) showed mild symptoms, while 3% (54,215) were in a serious or critical condition. It is good to have context amid the fear and panic this disease has caused. Also worth checking out is the country by country statistics. Currently the hardest hit is Belgium in terms of deaths per million (490), then Spain (437), Italy (391), France (302), UK (237), Netherlands (215), Switzerland (161). he US, although the most affected in terms of cases (764,265) and fatalities (40,565) is in 10th position for deaths per mllion (123). China, where it all started, has a low death rate of three people per million. Africa, as a whole, has been virtually untouched by this virus. We will be most aware of our own figures in SA, where as of Monday there were 3,158 cases and 54 deaths (a death rate of 0.9 per million. Two of the most populous countries in Africa, Egypt and Nigeria, are similarly only lightly affected. Egypt, a tourist-driven country with a population of 100 million, has only 3,144 cases and 239 deaths (a death rate of two per million). Nigeria, with a population of more than 200 million, only has 627 cases and 21 deaths. Then, in the larger scheme of things, the worldometers home page stated that so far this year, 147,192 people have died from the flu, nearly four million people have died from communicable diseases, 508,678 deaths were caused by HIV/Aids, and 1,512,649 deaths were caused by smoking. Bear in mind this was at the moment of viewing, as these figures are constantly increasing.

WE know many people don’t like to be reminded that they are getting older, but to others it is just about a number. Anyway, here’s to wishing everyone celebrating a special day in the week ahead a wonderful birthday and best wishes for many more, especially to twin sisters Jean Reed and Joan Mould, Kevin Mileham, Shane du Plessis, Moira Hilton-Barber, Donné Brent, Dave Hawkins, Jill Japp, Desmond Burger, Jessica Rudman, Peggy Southey, Pam Nel, Tyler Stevenson, Rhodes Tremeer, Danielle Dugard, Claire Hall, Colleen Shaw, Ginger Naude, Ray Hicks, Erica Janse van Rensburg, Sue Simpkins, Ronin Beetge, Pieter Pretorius, Hazel Whitham, Glenn McCreath, Taylor Thorp, Tony Border, Andrew Marshall, Dries Meyer, Jacoba Maritz, Wally Vandermeulen, Lauren Brunette, Warren Currie, Grant Marais, Paul Crous, Jed Thurgood, Graham Webber, Steve Lambert, Timothy Riddin, Mercia van der Westhuizen, Cecile Oosthuizen, Thulani Makinza, Cecile Nelson and Rowena Collin. And congratulations to Peggy Southey who celebrates her 86th birtday on April 23.

CONTINUED good luck and success to all businesses celebrating another year in trade. All the best to C’est la Vie (Stewart Road), and Home Essentials (Rosehill Mall). At the time of going to press (and with last year’s figures in brackets to compare against), the Rand was trading at R18.77 to the Dollar (R14.32), R23.36 to the Pound (R18.52) and R20.40 to the Euro (R16.07). Commodities such as gold were trading at $1,686.41 per ounce ($1,273.45) and platinum at $789.85 per ounce ($820.77). Brent Crude is trading at $33.86 per barrel ($74.29).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are not well, having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. Sterkte Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Emilene Bruwer, Jenny Groenewald, Jan Haig, Maureen Botha and Lyn Charter.

SINCERE sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Alan Davisson, who passed away on Tuesday April 14. May happy memories of wonderful times together comfort you.

HERE’S to many more terrific years together and our heartiest congratulations to everyone celebrating a wedding anniversary, especially to Eric and Lisa Strydom, Nigel and Joy Coster, Christopher and Hilda Green, Kudu and Beryl Pancoust, Dennis and Sue Chandler, Gert and Jean van der Merwe, Matthew and Antoinette Buchholz, Jannie and Elsabe Badenhorst and Des and Tosca Spenceley.

THOUGHT for the week: “I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.”

BEST regards as always,
The Team

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