Neighbourly Notes – 28 May 2020

LIKE MOTHER LIKE SON: Caring and responsible mother, Vuyiswa Qvvana, at Rosehill Mall on Saturday with her son Ayinqaba Qvvana, to buy him a cellphone so that he can receive his school work on it. Picture: TK MTIKI

DAY 63 of the national lockdown, and many are looking forward to the easing of restrictions in just four days’ time. Restrictions such as religious gatherings have been eased and now those of faith (any faith-based grouping) may meet in their places of worship as from Monday, but only up to a maximum of 50 people can gather at any one time, and social distancing must be observed. This is good news for many and we hope this easing of restrictions will serve to benefit those who have missed the fellowship of meetings and services.

CRIMINALS are at large during the Covid-19 pandemic and causing pain and suffering to their victims by stealing food and personal items from homes and businesses without a care for those they are stealing from. Though there must be sympathy for those who are without, there are schemes and government handouts to help support them during the crisis. But those who have worked through the pandemic to serve others (all those who are regarded as essential services) should not be targets for criminals and communities should stand together, black, white and brown, to condemn the actions of the few who feel it is their right to steal from those they perceive as wealthier. The only way we are going to prevent these heartless criminals is to work together – not snitching each other out – and keeping an eye out for our neighbours. If you see something suspicious, call one of our security companies (who are doing a great job) and the police. Do not accept stolen items and there will be no market, and if you see someone staling something, tell the police and/or our security companies. Let’s keep each other safe.

GOOD news for anyone who likes a tipple is that booze (which never clouds reason, or leads to loss of self-restraint resulting in rage, violence, road fatalities or any other form of criminal activity) will be sold, for home consumption and restricted to certain days and hours of the day. However, not so good news for smokers as tobacco products remain banned (because smokers have nasty habits and spit and cough or something). Minister Dlamini-Zuma has made her case against smoking and believes, according to her sermon on TV on Tuesday, that she is doing the estimated 11 million smokers in SA a favour.

HOW long have we waited for some local entertainment? Too long is the answer. Local musicians, comedians and artists of all types have been prevented from earning a living during this period, and some have even lost their day-jobs (not many artists can afford to live on what they earn at gigs). So, I would like to know how we plan (local artists) to put on perhaps the biggest show this area has ever seen. I mean an all-day event to celebrate the end of lockdown when this does, finally, happen. I am prepared to be the MC for the event, and suggest this would be a free concert/expo where artists give a little of their time to sing a song or two, or dance while others perhaps display their artwork on the sidelines. I will invite my good friend Neville, who I spoke with briefly about this as the lockdown began, to co-host as he has much more experience and is also a great showman. We will organise a venue and work out what else we can do. It should be a multi-cultural event to help unite us all in celebration of the end of lockdown. So, who else is in? Do you think this is a good idea? Write to me if you are a local artist and would like to be involved in the event, or e-mail me (e-mail at the top of the page) and give your input. More on this in the coming weeks.

HAPPY birthday greetings to everyone celebrating a special day next week,with good wishes and many happy times for many more years ahead, especially for Natalie Horn, Lisa Fonseca, David Haid, Ted Phillips, Edna Robey, Louise Wilks, Nikki Bendeman, Bruce Lloyd, Kathy Knight, Bruce Venters, Crystal Carelse, Jessica Maritz, Kevin Heny, Cassandra Griffiths, Dylan Shardelow, Gwen Arnison, Eddie Bentley, Elzaan van Heerden, Jocelyn Guest, Moira Hilton-Barber, Noluthando Budaza, Raymond Webber, Mabel Coetzer, Pat Whitfield, Cynthia Wise, Anne Fella, Karen Booysen, Deb Spenceley and Anelle Groenewald.

CONGRATULATIONS and further success to all businesses and organisations on another anniversary with all good wishes for many more better years ahead, especially for Cycle Asylum.

MARKET indicators are not entirely stable, but the value of the rand against international currencies is particularly pertinent as this factor will determine the strength of our economy when full trade between countries resumes. At the time of going to press and with last year’s figures in brackets, the Rand was trading lower at R17.43 to the Dollar (R14.79), R21.48 to the Pound (R18.71) and R19.19 to the Euro (R16.50). Gold was trading at $1,708.09 per fine ounce ($1,283.44), Platinum at $852.40 per ounce ($794.00) with Brent Crude Oil at $31.59 per barrel ($69.66).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are not well, having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. Sterkte Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Emilene Bruwer, Jenny Groenewald, Jan Haig and Lyn Charter.

WEDDING anniversary congratulations and best wishes for many more even better years ahead to Malcolm and Penny Noel, Gary and Joan Boucher, Arthur and Lynne Manning and Johan and Kittie Joubert.

THOUGHT for the week: “Too much happens to people in life, for us to be able to understand all of it – but we do know good minds (and intentions) working together is always better than going it alone.”

BEST regards as always,
The Team

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