Positive case of Covid-19 at Pick n Pay clothing store

The Ndlambe Municipality Covid-19 JOC Committee has confirmed that an employee at Pick n Pay clothing at Heritage Mall has tested positive for Covid-19.

Rumours spread like wildfire on social media and staff at Pick n Pay stopped working. There was speculation it was a follow-up on an earlier dispute over UIF and the EFF were said to be involved.

Some users of Talk of the Town’s Facebook group insisted there was a positive case at Pick n Pay.

Covid-19 JOC Committee liaison Alroy Taai confirmed it, and said it was at the clothing store.

“There are 100 staff at Pick n Pay and they all demanded to be tested,” Taai said. But he said the protocol was only to test people who had been in close contact with the infected employee. “Close contact,” he repeated.

“We can’t test 100 people. There is a shortage of test kits countrywide. We can’t let 100 people jump the queue on testing,” Taai explained.

“After talking with the hospital, what we will do is take 10 staff at a time and do screening (questions) and then a nose or throat swab as the next step, but only those who meet the criteria will be tested.”

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