Anger over poisoning of coral trees – neighbours give their sides of the story

Dr Heyter Brandt, owner of the well-known property formerly owned by golfer Hugh Kelly at 4 Hill Street, was outraged to find that his neighbour allegedly poisoned his coral trees, including one he said was 100 years old. This was after he had only agreed that she could cut branches overhanging her property. Brandt’s caretaker Johnny Scholtz pointed out how the trees were cut into vertically with a chainsaw and diesel poured into the cuts.

In response to her neighbour’s complaint that she had poisoned his coral trees, Viola Ntongana of 46 Miles Street pointed out the cracks in her boundary wall, which she attributed to the roots of the trees. She said she had hired a tree feller to cut overhanging branches which were pressing on her electric fence, with the leaves obscuring a security camera, but she denied she had instructed the tree feller to poison the coral trees.

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