Nabbed with knives

SAPS investigating why trespassing curfew breakers were released

Responding to a trespassing alert, Sky Security armed response officers nabbed four men armed with knives on the Port Alfred beachfront in the early hours of Thursday August 13.

FOR WHAT PURPOSE?: Two home-made knives found in the possession of the alleged trespassers

But inexplicably, after they were handed over to the police, the men were just released on a warning. SAPS says this is now the subject of an internal investigation.

Sky Security owner Louis Oosthuizen said they had received a call from a resident in Freshwater Road reporting trespassers on his property just after 2am.

When armed response arrived they saw four men fleeing towards the beach, in the direction of West Beach.

“My guys went into the bushes after them, and also came from the West Beach side. We cornered them and caught them in West Beach Drive, between the [Saltvlei] duck pond and Shelly Beach,” Oosthuizen said.

He provided TotT with photographs of the arrest and of two home-made knives found in their possession.

“We called the cops and handed the suspects over,” he said. “As well as trespassing they were also breaching curfew.”

WAITING FOR SAPS: Four men armed with home-made knives were apprehended by Sky Security after fleeing along the beachfront following a trespassing alert

When TotT asked police spokesperson Captain Mali Govender about the incident, she said: “Our members were on patrol and searched the persons. There was nothing in their possession. They were warned to return to their homes. The complainant was unwilling to open a criminal case.”

TotT asked about the knives and the fact the men had been out after curfew. We provided her with the photos supplied by Oosthuizen.

Govender said no knives had been found, but that the matter was now being internally investigated.

Oosthuizen was upset by the police’s response and said he would also take up the matter with Govender.

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