SASSA Grant Payment in October 2020

OLDER PERSON’S GRANTS will be paid from 05 October 2020
DISABILITY GRANTS will be paid from 06 October 2020
This includes any grants linked to these accounts.
All other grants will be paid from 07 October 2020 #SASSACARES


  1. Why is the grant now only paid on the 5th of October. There are so many people that depend heavily on the grant and making it later than the 3rd is a real issue for those who basically live off the grant. When it was paid on the first of the month, it was ideal especially for those who do not have any other income and have many mouths to feed. Making it later may result in many maybe having to go hungry and without other essentials.

    • I also would like to know why not on the 1st anymore. There is now more people bundling on the pay dates than before. We all need the on the 1st so that we can go out and buy our monthly supplies. This new arrangement is utterly unacceptable. Sassa must go back to the 1st of every month.

  2. I unequivocally agree with the top comment.Why are they doing this.It is heartless to hold back pension that people are dependent on.The longer it takes to pay out the government earns more interest.Despicable to do this to the elderly.

  3. My dept order is for rhe 4th at the bank for my rent. Now its not goung to be deducted from my bank account. The bank are far from where im staying and to take a taxi cost to much. Please keep it the same date wirhout changing it.keep it the 3rd please

  4. It’s true, lots of people depends and live from it, it throws a lot of households upside down, people have to pay the rent and it seems the dates changes whnever it suits them.

  5. That is so very true what this person mentioned above. Why is it being paid so late? I went to Checkers yesterday, & felt totally confused when the cashier told me it’s only going to be paid out on from the 6th. Nobody even had the decency to put it out there to let the people know. This is totally ridiculous. Why does the dates have to change all the time? Please don’t treat us like we are nothing.

  6. The 3rd fell on a Saturday. Instead of pushing it to the 5th why not pay on the 2nd. Two days later means thousands going hungry for two days. Also why not go back to the 1st. Instead of pushing to a later date try bring to an earlier date.

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