Horses slaughtered as racecourse labourers feud

Protesters at the Fairview Racecourse in Port Elizabeth on Thursday morning.
Image: Evan Rothman via Twitter

Horses have been slaughtered with pangas as a protest allegedly over UIF non-payment rages at the Fairview racecourse in Port Elizabeth on Thursday morning.

Details are sketchy at the moment but according to witness Nikki Durrant, who is now on scene, police have made several arrests.

She said a staff dispute at the CCMA was also driving the protest.

“People trying to get to rescue horses have had their cars pelted with rocks.”

Other reports from witnesses say several other horses have injuries including broken legs from trying to flee from fires.

A Fairview spokesperson said the protest began at around 6am Thursday morning and that the protesters have since been dispersed. They would not comment further on the matter.

Meanwhile, locals on social media say horses have been chased into the bushes and the NSPCA are on scene to attend to the animals.

This is a developing story

BY Alex Patrick


  1. to think how that can be done to a harmless animal. dispicable that we have to hear things like this whilst going through a pandemic where we have to stand together. and that is being done to people.

  2. absolutely disgraceful, shameful, cruel and savage act committed on defenceless animals. hang these savages please, hang them who committed death and torture of these poor animals.

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