Police statement on savage attack on racehorses in Port Elizabeth

Colonel Priscilla Naidu sent out the following statement this afternoon.

“Angry protestors harm racehorses at stables in Port Elizabeth”

“A mob of about 150-200 protestors from the Fairview Informal settlement stormed onto the property of Fairview stables and freed about 28 horses early this morning, September 17.

“According to information on hand, at about 6am police responded to a complaint of the angry protestors who entered the property and allegedly broke the locks of the stables. The horses were freed and were forced out of the property by assaulting them.  They were reported to be running in all directions with their abusers taunting them with sticks and stones. One horse was found dead about a kilometre away in an opening near the houses. It is alleged that it was stabbed and assaulted.

“All the horses have been accounted for and the injured horses are receiving treatment by the Port Elizabeth Anti Animal Cruelty.

“At this stage the exact reason for the protest and subsequent death, injury and release of the horses is not known.

“Public Order Policing, the community, security companies, specialised police units as well as SAPS Kabega Park members assisted the stabling staff in rounding up the traumatised animals. The horses are racehorses. Public Order Policing will remain in the area to avert further attacks.

“A case of malicious injury to property is opened and under investigation. Additional charges may be added. Police are warning social media users to refrain from posting false information relating to the incident as this can cause the current situation to escalate into confusion and retaliatory conduct by the community. Any person who publishes, distributes, discloses, transmits, circulates or spreads false information or fake news is guilty of an offence and may be prosecuted.”

Protest leading to hacking of horse has been simmering for months

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