WATCH: “We hope it will not spill into war”: Pastors pray over brewing tensions in Senekal

Pastors and Christians from various denominations gathered to pray for an easing of brewing racial tension and farm attacks in Senekal, Free State. There have been talks of protests on October 16 2020 when the men accused of killing local farmer Brendin Horner are back in court.

The Fraternity of Ministers of Senekaland Matwabeng, hosted a special mass prayer meeting in Senekal, ahead of the court case on Friday.

According to a statement released by the group … “The purpose of this meeting is to pray for unity and peace despite our racial differences. The hovering of racial tensions should not be allowed to divide our beautiful Senekal/Matwabeng. The unfortunate court case of the killing of Brendin Horner has left the small town of Senekal/Matwang bruised and emotionally battered. We call upon you to join and help in being the instrument of peace. We are praying for calm during this storm.”


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