Ndlambe Municipality Covid-19 update

The Covid-19 Joint Operations Committee (JOC) reports that daily cases of coronavirus are increasing in Ndlambe. Currently there are 83 active cases, 1,109 recoveries and 34 deaths.

“An urgent appeal is made to residents to maintain social distancing, wear a mask and wash / sanitise hands on a regular basis. Large social gatherings should be avoided. Non-adherence to protocols and will inevitably lead to increased infection rates,” the JOC said


As of November 10, the breakdown for Ndlambe is: Town Total New Cases Active Cases Recoveries Deaths
Port Alfred 795 12 31 742 22
Alexandria 130 16 22 103 5
Bathurst 120 0 5 110 5
Kenton on Sea 115 3 10 103 2
Boesmansrivier 66 7 15 51 0
Total 1226 38 83 1109 34


Health: To date 57,796 screenings have taken place in Ndlambe. We currently have 83 active cases. Ndlambe has recorded 1,109 recoveries and sadly, 34 deaths. There is concern from health practitioners that protocols are not being adhered to. The Marjorie Parish Hospital 32-bed Covid ward has been completed.

Water supply: Strict water restrictions remain in place. Water scheduling tables for Port Alfred are published weekly. Dam levels continue to drop, with Port Alfred and Bathurst dams at critical levels. Water is currently trickling over the weir in the Kowie River, as a result of the recent rainfall, enabling small amounts of water to be pumped into the balancing dam. We are expecting a contractor to be appointed for the installation of the 2Ml reverse osmosis plant by mid-November.

Tourism, events and gatherings: Tourism numbers are increasing and we are expecting a good season. This past weekend several events took place under controlled conditions, and included the Virtual Rhino Run in Kenton, G2C (Grahamstown to Sea) Mountain Bike Race and Bathurst Art Fair. The calendar of events for the festive season over December has not yet been released – and we can expect an announcement in this regard within the next couple of weeks, following guidelines expected to be announced by President Ramaphosa.



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