Rectifying the error, when an internet mast was erected prior to approval

Following last week’s article regarding the telecommunications mast that was erected at a home in Tamarisk Road, Brendan Hindes of Setplan, the consultancy doing the town planning application for its installation, explained the purpose of the mast and how the matter will proceed.

According to Hindes the mast was erected by the owners of the home for the purposes of starting a business. Assuming they could erect a mast that was less than 10m high on their property they went ahead, only to discover they had bypassed many of the mandatory applications and approvals.

The owners of the property then contacted Setplan to carry out the necessary paperwork.

“We are currently arranging for the necessary participation process to commence. This will include an advert will appear in the Talk of the Town shortly,” said Hindes.

Read the story in this week’s Talk of the Town.

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