Piles of sand eventually removed

More than four weeks ago, municipal workers went along Hill Street in Port Alfred, sweeping up sand that comes into the street mainly from the dirt road Keey Street, and leaving it in little piles for collection.

SWEPT AND THEN LEFT: Sand from Keey Street which is washed by rain and blown by wind onto the brick paving of Hill Street was swept into neat little piles by municipal workers four weeks ago, but then seemingly forgotten Picture: JON HOUZET

There were many piles close together at the corner of Hill and Keey. Residents appreciated that the workers were tidying up, but then they didn’t come back to collect the sand. Weeks passed, and by this time, the wind had been blowing the sand off the piles, and cars were driving over the little piles and scattering the sand.

Asked to respond, municipal spokesperson Cecil Mbolekwa said: “This was caused by the casual workers – their contract expired which left more work to be done by the internal staff. During this time the internal team was busy with slurry sealing which resulted [in] the delay collecting the rubble.”

He further explained that according to Covid-19 regulations, the municipality had to reduce the number of workers by rotating them, so there were a limited number of employees to attend to all necessary work.

He said the sand was eventually removed this week after Talk of the Town’s query.

He did not respond to a suggestion that work would have been better spent clearing the verges, especially at the public parking area opposite Kiddies Beach, next to the sewage pump station, where the parking bays have been covered in grass and weeds for years.

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