Nemato woman survives electrocution from falling cables

Falling Eskom cables could potentially have killed an Ndlovini resident who survived being electrocuted on May 13 2021, while sparks from the cables burnt the grass in her yard.

BURNT BY ELECTRICITY: Eskom overhead cables mysteriously fell into a yard in Calata Street in Ndlovini at about 1pm last Thursday, shocking resident Precious Matisa and burning the grass. Matisa survived the incident although she is still in pain Picture: TK MTIKI

The incident occurred at the home of Precious Matisa in Calata Street at about 1pm last Thursday.

While Matisa’s friend Shamisa Maemo was disturbed by the incident, she was grateful Matisa miraculously survived the electrocution.

Maemo provided details of how the incident unfolded. “When the electric cables fell in the yard Matisa was inside the house and the entire yard was [electrified]. The electricity pulled her from inside the house by force and she was thrown outside into the fence. After that she was so cold and we decided to cover her with a blanket,” she said.

Maemo said they called the fire department who upon their arrival on the scene instructed residents not to use water as it was an electrical fire.

Maemo said it was difficult to tell the extent of Matisa’s injuries because some might be internal.

“She is complaining about pain in the back left shoulder. She is still struggling with a lot of things but she is trying to move without any assistance. At night she is shaking.”

Maemo went on to express her frustration with Eskom employees who were on the scene to check the cause of the blackout which resulted from the incident. They repaired the cables, which are strung overhead between poles, the same day.

“Eskom people were here on the scene and they refused to give her [Matisa] a lift to the hospital even though this was an emergency. She was given a lift to the hospital by an ANC brother.”

Maemo wants Eskom to take responsibility.

“Eskom left us with a million dollar question. They took my cellphone number on Thursday  and on Friday [ May 14 2021] they phoned me asking how Matisa was doing. But they never came back to me again till today [May 16 2021],” she said.

Asked for a comment, Eskom spokesperson Zama Mpondwana said: “Eskom is aware of an incident that may have been as a result of electricity contact in [Nelson] Mandela Location in Port Alfred. Eskom’s internal investigation processes are currently underway to determine the cause of the incident. Eskom is deeply concerned about the situation as such we have been in contact with Precious Matisa to follow up on her medical progress.”


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