Loadshedding is on again

Eskom headquarters, Megawatt Park, in Sunninghill, Johannesburg

We have once again hit the trifecta of issue; no water, sewage in the streets and now, Eskom are back to loadshedding.

Yesterday (Monday) Loadshedding at stage 2 was announced for a few hours during the late afternoon and evening, and loadshedding was reimplemented as of 4pm this afternoon.

The schedule is the same for all areas of Ndlambe.

Loadshedding for Ndlambe at Stage 2.

Tuesday June 1 – 11pm to 1.30am (Wednesday morning).

Should Stage 2 loadshedding continue through Wednesday, the next loadshedding time will be 7am to 9.30am.


  1. This is totally outrageous.Sewage in the streets and loadshedding. It is abundantly clear that our country (as much as some will refute) is only going one way and that is down. When this happened in Zimbabwe many said thank goodness that we are not there.However, we are on the same trajectory.With skilled people leaving in drones to work overseas. So I ask myself the question what are we left withūü§Ē

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