TLU SA blames government for unrest in country

Agricultural union TLU SA expressed disappointment in President Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC government’s handling of the riots and looting that has taken place in South Africa over the past few days.

“Trying to fix an enormous gaping wound – economic decline – will not work by sticking a plaster on it,” TLU SA said in a statement.

“It is one thing to say we should not break down the country, but should rather build the economy,” said Henry Geldenhuys, the president of TLU SA. “But it is something completely different to truly lead and implement the correct economic principles over any other aspects so that the economy can be built up.”

Geldenhuys it was wrong to think the current unrest paralysing the country as the consequence of dissatisfied Zuma supporters.

“On the contrary, that was simply the spark to ignite a situation TLU SA had been predicting for quite some time. The country’s unemployment rate stands at 43%. For people under 35, it is more than 46%. The ANC government created these socio-economic problems, and it will remain a problem until the principles for economic growth is in place,” he said.

“President Ramaphosa, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of each South African,” said Geldenhuys. “It is also the responsibility of the government to ensure a favourable environment for investment in the country. You are failing in your primary responsibility as the president of the country.

“The country is burning, and it is your fault. You should have ended policies like expropriation without compensation and affirmative action a long time ago. You should have firmly acted against corrupt politicians and officials as soon as it happened. Then there would have been stability in the country now,” he continued.

”The current unrest already harmed the distribution of agricultural products. TLU SA predicts that the anarchy will lead to increased farm attacks and the destruction of farm products.”