Cat owner’s desperate appeal for drivers to slow down

Pearl Rosslyn-Smith was in tears on the morning of Friday July 16 as she told of yet another of her beloved cats that had been run over by a driver in Atherstone Road.

SAD LOSS: Pearl Rosslyn-Smith’s cat, Mama, was run over by a driver in Atherstone Road on Friday July 16

“I lost my eighth cat today – killed by a person driving too fast. It happened between 7.30am and 8am,” Rosslyn-Smith said.

“Her name was Mama – she was six years old. She was so friendly. Everyone who came to visit loved her. She would come to get a cuddle or a hug.”

After several of her cats had been run over in Atherstone Road, Rosslyn-Smith made her own hand-written sign appealing for people to slow down and placed it on the corner of Atherstone Road and Tern Street.

She said all eight cats had been killed by motorists over a period of six years. “One time I lost three cats in one year.”

She said a local vet was the first to see Mama lying on the side of the road and picked her up and took her to the vet, but she was too badly injured and died. “She had a collar with my contact details so the vet called me,” Rosslyn-Smith said.

Describing the scene of the accident, she said: “There’s so much blood there. It was right next the kerb – they could have avoided her. But they rode right over her.”

It is not known who the driver is because they did not stop.

“People must slow down when they’re driving on suburban roads. They don’t need to drive that fast. We need speed humps there. The speed they pick up between Dickinson and Hill Street is incredible. Some cars are going about 80km/h in a 40km/h zone,” Rosslyn-Smith said.

“It’s not only animals that live there, children live there too. What if they knock a child down?”

Rosslyn-Smith is also involved in the local feral cat project, and has been helping to catch cats at Santa TB Hospital which are neutered and released.

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