Bronze President’s Award candidates don’t beat about the bush

NO EASY PASSAGE: The group of President’s Award Bronze candidates took to the Assegai Trails recently as one of many challenges they will face in order to qualify for this prestigious award

A group of South African President’s Award candidates took to the Assegai trails recently to experience wildlife and the Eastern Cape under the expert direction of guide Graham Carlson.

“The Adventurous Journey took place at Assegai Trails Nature Reserve on the R343 between Kenton-on-Sea and Grahamstown [Makhanda],” wrote Carlson after the hike was complete.

“The trails undertaken on this hike meandered through a variety of terrains, including riverine forest, open grasslands, wooded kloofs and East Cape bushveld. The weather conditions were perfect for hiking and though a few of the hikers found the going tough, especially on the first day, everyone completed the required mileage.”

The group needed to walk at around 3km per hour but, at the start of the hike the group was making just half of that. After a much-needed rest they were re-energised and all ended up completing the task.

The South African President’s Award is highly regarded both in this country and abroad and provides an indication that the recipient is a strong-minded individual who can shoulder responsibility and authority while, at the same time, being a useful member of society.

With the assistance of adult volunteer leaders, the mission of the award is to empower young people between the ages of 14 and 24, by providing a balanced, non-competitive framework for self-development that will increase their self-esteem and enhance their capacity to achieve in whatever context they find themselves; enabling them to become responsible active citizens within their communities.



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