Council Notes – Ndlambe – Tuesday August 31

Ndlambe Municipality

Ndlambe held an open council meeting via MS Teams on Tuesday to discuss the financial statements that were sent to the office of the Auditor General’s office before midnight on August 31.

Following a delay to the 10am meeting, which got underway at about 12 noon due to a technical issue, both the mayor, Khululwa Ncamiso and ANC chief whip, Andile Marasi, were not present due to intervening in a border dispute regarding land in Bathurst.

Although the provisional financial statements were presented to be noted, municipal manager Rolly Dumezweni explained that small adjustments had to be made for clarification to the AG. He also admitted that there were a number of items that did not conform to the AG’s stipulations, and that further work would need to be done to clarify the items and that these were highlighted in the report in order for the municipality to avoid another qualified audit.

Councillor Nosicelo Xhasa asked how the municipal manager was coping with only 50% of the workforce physically at work due to Covid-19 Level 3 restrictions. Dumezweni said that it had been difficult but that the workers had done an excellent job in keeping up worth the required work.

Xhasa then thanked Dumezweni and said she was proud of the “unselfish brave men and women who had risked their lives to provide service to the community”.

The second important item on the agenda was approval of the IDP (Integrated Development Plan) and its budget. This was approved without much discussion.

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