Neighbourly Notes – 13 January 2022

FISHING FIND: Shane Mardon, right, was the winner of most unusual species and new club record for catching an elusive Dane during the December Species Spectacular. He received his prize from chair Keith Fryer. The event was hailed a great success by the organisers.

AND we spoke about last week being quiet. Wow, it got even quieter this week with most holidaymakers having departed and few events left on the calendar. There have even been far fewer emails in my inbox. Now we await the release of matric results, schools reopening and the sports clubs resuming. Two things to look forward to in coming months – not seen since the start of lockdown – are the return of the Night Bowls competition at the Kowie Bowling Club, which always attracted enthusiastic participation from local businesses fielding teams, and the Pineapple Cricket Tournament, which was previously only suspended during the First and Second World Wars. More to come as we receive information from the organisers. LOCAL shoppers with a taste for Bovril and Marmite may wonder why these products have been so scarce. Pioneer Foods, the manufacturers of both Marmite and Bovril, said the recent short supply can be attributed to the knock-on effect of the lockdown alcohol restrictions impacting the availability of Marmite’s main ingredient, brewer’s yeast, which is a byproduct of beer production. Marmite’s other ingredients are salt and extracts from spices and vegetables. It also boasts added nutrient fortifications, including vitamin B12, riboflavin, and folic acid. An interesting tidbit on the origins of Marmite: It was conceived by German scientist Justus von Liebigin the late 19th century. Then in 1902, the Marmite Food Extract Company was formed in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England with Marmite as its main product and Burton as the site of the first factory. Marmite is now a trademark owned by Unilever. Bovril has a lot more ingredients aside from the yeast extract, including hydrolysed vegetable protein (soy), beef stock, water, corn starch, salt, yeast extract, caramel, sugar, onion, thickener, spices, acidity regulators, antifoaming agent, flavouring, flavour enhancer, eggs, vitamins and iron.

ANOTHER year has passed and another birthday has arrived for those celebrating a special day in the week ahead. Congratulations and all good wishes on this occasion to Warren Vermaak, Jackie Anderson, Sheila Maker, Lindsay Steyn, Janet Hyde, Nicky van Lavieren, Lee Howard, Leonie Beetge, Rudi-Lee Riddin, Laetitia Webber, Peter Rinaldi, Sylvia Whitecross, Sandra Knight, Lindy Pieterse, twins Connan Hill and Shannon Hawkes, Tanya Elliott, Shaun Uys, Buck Buchholz, Hugo Slater, Dee Joiner, Wendy Kretschmann, Lisinda Hanstein, Clinton Millard, Samantha Jones-Phillipson, Stanley Richter, Jaco van Rensburg, Bronwyn van Zyl, Chris Butt, Val Simpson.

CONGRATULATIONS, well done and wishing all businesses having an anniversary all the best for further success in the future. Good wishes especially to The Health and Wellness Centre, JD Electrical, El Shaddai School, St Andrew’s College and Seafield Liquor Store.

WITH 2021’s figures in brackets to compare against, the Rand was trading at R15.46 (R15.39) to the dollar, R21.08 (R20.93) to the pound and R17.57 (R18.71) to the Euro. Gold is trading at $1,815.70 ($1,861.23) per fine ounce, and platinum at $966.00 ($1,072.00) per ounce. Brent Crude is trading at $83.76 ($55.58) per barrel.

SINCERE condolences to the family and friends of Juan Southey who passed away recently. We especially keep his wife, Peggy, in our thoughts. Juan was associated with Sunshine Coast Hospice for many years, being a stalwart member of its support committee and its chairman from 2013 till he stepped down in 2017. He was also a keen golfer, playing most of his golf with the Royal Port Alfred’s famous 1820s group.

WEDDING anniversary congratulations and sincere good wishes for many more happy years ahead to Greg and Jann Kieck, Kevin and Sheilagh Scott.

THOUGHT for the week: “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not. Remember what you now have, was once among the things you only hoped for.”

BEST regards as always,
The Team.

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