DA can put our fragile nation back on the right track again

THESE local government elections will be the most important since 1994 and we are on the brink of making history.

The DA can bring about real change that will bring honest government, deliver better services and create jobs. The DA can bring the change South Africa needs. Despite our current difficulties, we acknowledge that South Africa is in a better, more just, more humane place
than it was pre-1994.

However, South Africa’s future prosperity will not happen by providence. We have to actually do something positive if we share a vision of where we are going and how we are to get there. Visionary leaders are an essential ingredient in this process. This is something the ANC

Phindile Faxi’s letter in Talk of the Town of July 14 refers to President Jacob Zuma co-operating and respecting the rule of law as he commits to paying for upgrades of his homestead. This is laughable. Earlier this year, the Constitutional Court issued a devastating
judgment against the president relating to his deliberate efforts to avoid being held responsible for that abuse.

The DA rejects politics of bitter racial division, unlike the ANC’s Phindile Faxi, who assumes, because I am white, that I participated in the previous government’s activities. Based on his assumption, must I link him to the Marikana slaughter under President Zuma’s watch?

Let us rather reflect on where we find ourselves today. Have we done enough to address the
wrongs of the past? If not, we risk threatening the vision we collectively pursued in 1994, that of a prosperous South Africa, united in all its diversity.

The DA’s commitment is to ensure that we build a SA which truly belongs to all who live in it. Your vote for the DA on August 3 is a vote for change that will put us back on the right track again. This is how the vision of One Nation, One Future built on Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity, can be realised.


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