Lady golfers in 67 minutes fundraiser for Child Welfare

AS their contribution to the Mandela 67 minutes challenge, the  Ladies’ Section of the Royal Port Alfred Golf Club are going to have a fun round of golf on Wednesday July 19 to raise money for Port Alfred Child Welfare.

“The idea is to play a round of golf with one ball in under 67 minutes,” lady captain Wendy Counihan.

“The way we are going to do this is to divide up into about five teams of hopefully five ladies in each team. One member of the team will drive, then the next member will be positioned halfway down the fairway and will hit the second shot towards the green. The next team member hits the next shot and so on until the ball is in the hole.

“They will then take the ball to the next hole where the next team and team members will be in position to hit the ball and carry on until all 18 holes have been played. This will obviously go quite quickly as there is no waiting between shots as each team member will hopefully be in position to hit the next shot and they will be in golf carts,” she said.

Each team is allocated either three or four holes to play so when their hole is finished they can hurry to their next allocated hole. The plan is to finish the round in under 67 minutes.

“It is a fun day and we will all have to pay at least R67 to enter and will be donating all the money raised to Child Welfare,” Counihan said.

She is hoping at least 25 women take part.


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