Reflections on Kleinemonde



Kleinemonde resident Ash Collen wrote a marvelous description of Kleinemonde. Full Story in this week’s Talk of the Town.

The rivers are very low at the moment, but you still see small barges, motor-boats and canoes on them. It is not possible to navigate very far up these rivers; the West river being more suitable for this. Barges can get up-river about five kilometres, and many a nightcap and braai has been enjoyed in this way; canoes are able to venture about nine kilometres upstream – from there groups can hike (with permission) to overnight at Lily Pad, in the Nyala Game Reserve.

Kleinemonde is about fifteen kilometres from Port Alfred – heading towards East London. The first residents are on the West River, between the bridge and the sea; after crossing the bridge, the Island is between the road and the sea and the Peninsula is on the left; after crossing the second bridge, one turns right into the village.

They say that after reading an article of about five hundred words the average person’s concentration goes awry, so thank you for your indulgence.

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