Orphan no more

ORIGINS: The old boiler on East Beach has now been identified as coming from the wreck of the Sir John St Aubyn, as pictured in this artist’s impression


Orphan no more

Serendipity by Bev Young

I AM delighted to report, that the missing ship, “our orphan”, with the boiler lying on East Beach, has now been named

The ship was originally listed as the Osbourne, wrecked in 1884, and then claimed by maritime services as theirs.

However, it is no less than one of the barges/tugs, the Sir John St Aubyn, which belonged to Williams Cock. It too was listed as “wrecked 1883-84”. Most of the ship was dismantled and sold off, and the boiler considered too cumbersome to bother with.

The debris has been listed on brochures as the Victoria as well – not true at all. What a relief to have this mystery solved.

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