SERENDIPITY – Lost buildings

SO MUCH HISTORY: Two masted ships at Cocks Wharf, in this undated photo which gives a glimpse at the historical buildings on the west side of the Kowie River


Lost buildings

Serendipity with Bev Young

IT is as though readers cannot get enough of the old.

How satisfying. This time, I want to refer to clearly identified buildings. In the photo on the top left, you can see the old Grand Hotel. On the top right is Cocks Castle/Richmond House.

Below is Cocks flour mill on the right, with Blackie’s shed on the left. This was the old train. There are more sheds on the right, with garages built over them, masses of machinery, chains and the like.

This was covered over in about 1999/2000, and then the mill was refurbished.

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