International karate Instructor to visit Makhanda

SHOWING TECHNIQUE: International karate instructor Sensei Pascal Lecourt will hold lectures in Makhanda this weekend

United Shotokan-Ryu’s (USR) intention of bringing top class international karate instructors to South Africa will be realised with Sensei Pascal Lecourt’s (7th dan) arrival in the Eastern Cape later this week.

Lecourt’s Seminar will be held in the university town of Makhanda (previously Grahamstown) and is open to Shotokan karateka 12 years and older who hold the level of green belt or higher.

The occasion will mark Lecourt’s first visit to South African shores. Lecourt is a former protégé of the legendary Japanese karate master Sensei Taiji Kase (1929-2004) and is currently one of the world’s leading authorities on Kase’s unique form of Shotokan karate. He is in demand throughout Europe, and has also taught in Israel and England as well as in many other countries.

The style is fondly known throughout the world as Kase-Ha, and is a pure form of Japanese Budo (martial arts), which emphasises the use of powerful large scale blocking and striking techniques based on the use of the Japanese katana (sword).  In 1964 Kase became one of the first Japanese Shotokan karate masters to ever visit South Africa. During this time he spent six months primarily instructing karate in KwaZulu-Natal and in 1996 he returned to South Africa to teach in various cities and towns.

Lecourt’s karate is a continuation of Kase’s research, innovation and development into the practice of Shotokan karate, and considering Kase’s historical significance to South African Shotokan karate, his visit will play an important role in re-establishing these ties.

Karateka are expected to attend the Seminar from the Western Cape, Gauteng as well as a large contingent from the Eastern Cape.

With the assistance of USR’s presenting partner, the Grahamstown Foundation, Lecourt’s Seminar will be held in the Thomas Pringle Hall at the 1820 Settlers Monument in

The seminar times are as follows: 9.30am to 11.30am, and 1.30pm to 3.30pm on Saturday October 27 and Sunday October 28. Please note that the seminar is closed to spectators.

Seminar organiser, Gary Grapentin may be contacted for further information on 073-346-0059, or at


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