Shipwreck cocktail bar opens in Kenton

The Shipwreck cocktail bar opened at The Volo last on Friday January 25, offering another entertainment venue for the people of Kenton-on-Sea and surrounds.

Owner Eugene de Witt said the addition of the cocktail bar meant that there was now an entire entertainment centre, including a la carte dining at the Continental Restaurant and Deli, a bar and pizza place at The Volo and a gaming room.

In addition, the business centre upstairs at the complex can seat about 120 people, catering for business meetings, weddings and birthday parties.

“There used to be a cocktail bar/beach bar last used many moons ago,” De Witt said. He renovated the old sunken bar to be utilised again.

A number of Kenton residents attended the opening and enjoyed sampling the range of cocktails, as well as the free snacks provided.

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