Summertime Bash at PAHS

Port Alfred High School’s Friends of the School (FOS) are once again hosting a fundraising dance, the Summertime Bash, on February 16.

There is a sea and beach theme and partygoers are encouraged to come dressed as surfers (some locals can come as themselves), pirates, Jamaicans, sailors, Hawaiians, Caribbean islanders, hula girls and mermaids.

The action starts at 7pm at Port Alfred High School Hall. Dress up and dance the night away with summertime vibes and delicious burger and salads, all for R100. There will also be a cash bar available.

Tickets are available from the PAHS front office (046) 624-2440 or any FOS committee members.

FOS is a non-profit organisation and their goal is to raise funds for PAHS. Among the numerous projects they have successfully undertaken are: tarring the road that runs through the back of the school, building the pavilions for the rugby fields, renovating the tuck shop on the sports fields, aiding pupils financially on sports tours, contributing funds to the School Pool Project and School Tennis Court Project, and contributing to the buying of a Toyota Quantum minibus for the school.


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